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At Nordoff Robbins we are committed to bringing music therapy to all those who need it. We support thousands of people each year, and demand for our service is growing.

In 2015 our trained music therapists were able to deliver 19,226 sessions to over 4400 people, including 11 year old Flynn who was born with dystonic 4 limb cerebral palsy.

“The effects of music therapy on Flynn go beyond the weekly sessions, he feels confident to achieve and explore which has really improved his learning, cognitive and memory skills. What is so amazing to see is that he has developed a real sense of who he is and what he can accomplish.”

Natasha, Flynn’s mum

You can find out more about our life-changing work and our financial accounts in the 2015 Annual Report below.   

Our ambitious strategy outlines how we will grow and develop the organisation to bring the life-changing power of music to many more people across the UK.