Nordoff Robbins Seminars

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Historically, Nordoff Robbins has hosted seminars and open days with a series of internal speakers and sometimes guest speakers. Find out more about our most recent seminars below. 

Music, society & mental wellbeing (2014)

Structured in two parts, the seminar started with a keynote presentation by Simon Procter. Drawing from his recently completed doctoral ethnographic research of music therapy in a community mental health setting, Simon engaged with questions regarding the politics of valuing music and health; with responses by Tia DeNora and Gary Ansdell, embedded in their collaborative study of music therapy in a non-medical mental health centre. Following lively group discussions between the attendees, the first part closed with a panel discussion (Stuart Wood, Simon Procter, Mercédès Pavlicevic (Chair), Daisy Fancourt, Tia DeNora, Gary Ansdell).On Wednesday 4th June over 90 people (including practitioners, researchers, students as well as members of the public) came together at the Nordoff Robbins London Centre for the day seminar Music, Society and Mental Wellbeing. The seminar was organised by the Research Department and featured as part of the London Arts and Health Forum’s Creativity and Wellbeing Week.

After lunch and a musical interlude (led by Max Ryz), the second part of the day provided an insight into the work of Nordoff Robbins music therapists. Neil Foster presented his music therapy work with veterans with PTSD at Combat Stress, while Emily Druce presented her work with women facing a range of mental health difficulties at WomenCentre. Both presentations illustrated how music therapy can promote mental wellbeing and build community. Both Neil’s and Emily’s presentations included an evaluation component which was presented by members of the Research Dept.

The day was brought to close with a moving performance by a client from WomenCentre demonstrating the impact that music therapy has had on her life.

“This has been a very characteristic mix of interesting theory, challenging thought and relevant music therapy presentation. Congratulations on another successful event!”

“A marvellous clarity and spirit of adventure and respect for the work of service-users permeated the day. Thank you for a wonderful injection of energy and inspiration and motivation to do better!!”

“Thank you for such a great day! I'm a service-user that is struggling to access art services, but I am now inspired to seek out more opportunities for music therapy in the community. This is such an amazing organisation. Wish I'd heard of you before!”

Musical Wellbeing (2012) 

A full day of unusually warm weather lit up the Nordoff Robbins London Centre as practitioners and researchers prepared to shed light upon Nordoff Robbins music therapy in practice, evaluation and research for over 80 eager attendees.On Wednesday 20th June 80 people gathered at the Nordoff Robbins London Centre for our Open Day 'Musical Wellbeing: Nordoff Robbins music therapy in practice, evaluation and research'.

As part of the London Arts and Health Forum's Creativity and Wellbeing Week, this day provided a vibrant overview of Nordoff Robbins practice including presentations of inspiring music therapy work, thought-provoking research and evaluation seminars, insightful discussions and the delivery of a large-scale singing workshop that demonstrated the power of music through uniting over 80 voices in song.

Attendees ranged from people interested in training as music therapists through to ethnomusicologists and NHS healthcare professionals. 

"Thank you for a really insightful and inspirational day of presentations and fabulous singing... I feel better able to consider music therapy's value from a variety of perspectives"

"The evaluation presentation was fresh and dynamic in a topic which is often dry!"

"Really informative and useful day – covered the essential work music can dobut also the thinking and evaluation needed for us to make sure we allow it to work to the maximum"

"Thank you for a glimpse into the Nordoff Robbins world and your inspiring work"

"The examples given were highly inspiring and the license to be innovative in what you do... I was contemplating music therapy before. Now I'm a full convert!"

Overall the day captured imaginations, hearts and the change from people's pockets while cementing Nordoff Robbins' reputation as a pioneer of music therapy practice.