Amy’s Story

After suffering a severe brain injury due to a nut allergy, Amy has used music therapy to help her express herself again. 

Amy was a TV producer and had a real passion for music. But in 2014 she suffered a severe nut allergy which left her with a life-changing brain injury. As a result she has almost no movement or speech.  

But through music therapy at the neuro rehab care home she was living in she’s been helped to use her voice to enjoy music again. Her therapist Emily has worked with her to extend the pitch and variance of the sounds she can make, giving her voice purpose and meaning again. 

The video clip shows Amy and therapist Emily singing a song called ValerieWhile Amy  happily listens to Emily sing,  to help her feel more part of the experience Emily encourages  her to join her in singing together.   

Emily said: “In music Amy is able to practice with different pitches and sounds, which gives variety to what she can do vocally, and allows her to be expressive. Amy needs regular breaks, as the energy it takes for her to focus and participate brings on fatigue, so we take turns to give her the space to play her part, but rest regularly as well.