Ed’s story

After suffering a severe head injury in a traffic accident, music therapy supported Ed’s recovery, helping him to walk and speak again. 

Ed was 20yearsold and studying to be a pilot at Leeds University when he was hit by a speeding taxi. He was left with severe head trauma and life-threatening injuries. He fell into a coma and spent three months in a  neurological intensive care unit where his parents were told three times he was probably going to die.  

After 3 months, and still in a coma, Ed was transferred to a regional rehabilitation unit closer to home. After six months he began to slowly wake up and started his rehabilitation process with music therapy.  

As he slowly learnt to walk again, his music therapist Jessica would bang a drum with a good marching rhythm to help him.  She also encouraged him to sing which helped with his speech and to regain control of pitch and speed. The music therapy helped to fire up parts of his brain that  had been damaged and it brought Ed happiness, peace, normality and a sense of well-being. 

Ed’s mum Caroline said: “Ive witnessed first-hand how music can reach someone like nothing else can. Nordoff Robbins make such a difference to the patients  they see; for us and many others they provide hope in devastating situations and they provide relief to many, patients and relatives alike, all dealing with indescribable tragedy. Were just really grateful that Edward ended up in a hospital where Nordoff Robbins had a therapist and where he had access to this incredible work.