Eilidh’s Story

Eilidh has used music therapy to express her emotions and frustrations about living with a life-limiting condition. 

Eilidh is sevenyearsold and lives with a life-limiting condition that affects her intestinal system. She has frequent hospital treatments and her health needs can be unpredictable.   

Eilidh was delighted by the connection, release and joy she found in music-making and showed great trust in the relationship with her music therapist Janet. She seemed to gain a sense of empowerment from knowing that there were no expectations, no right or wrong ways to play, and that she was in charge.   

Her mum Rhona said: “Janet makes Eilidh feel very at ease and happy. She gives Eilidh the confidence to believe in herself and realise her potential. Janet gives Eilidh time and follows her lead in all that Eilidh wants to experience in music therapy.”  

Music therapy enabled Eilidh to be expressive and creative, and after just a few sessions she showed significant progress in singing and rhythmic ability. Eilidh said: “Itreally exciting because I get to play lots of different instruments and learn new things. It makes me very happy.”   

Following a major hospital operation, Rhona noticed that Eilidh’s excitement about coming to music therapy that week helped to motivate her and keep up her spirits during her recovery. She said: “She counts down the days until her next session and wants to let everyone know what she has been doing and learning.  

“As the sessions have progressed weve noticed that music therapy isn’t just about fun anymore but also how Eilidh has used it to express her emotions and frustrations about the changes in her life. She is very excited after music therapy initially but then she seems so relaxed and calm.  

“I think as a parent I totally misunderstood the impact music therapy can have and it certainly has been an extremely positive experience for my daughter.”