Ewen’s Story

Music therapist Francesca is using new technology to help Ewen take control of his music making. 

Ewen was referred to music therapy to help build his confidence and encourage him to find empowerment in his voice.  He has dystonic cerebral palsy so music therapist Francesca attaches an i-pad to his wheelchair to give him complete independence to take part in their musicmaking sessions.

Francesca said: “To begin with Ewen was a little unsure but his demeanour quickly changed, and our sessions were soon full of smiles as he began to love our musicmaking experience together. Being able to reach out and play the iPad is a great motivating factor for Ewen as he is able to demonstrate great focus and intention whilst moving his arms. After exploring different musical samples, Ewen gravitated towards Rhodes piano and the electric guitar, allowing him to take control of the music and play as a solo musician.”