Kirsty’s Story

For Kirsty, online music therapy has given her vital experiences in a time when they are needed most as she shields at home with her parents.

Kirsty is 12, she has limited movement, is non-verbal and lives with complex needs. She has been shielding at home with her parents during the lockdown and has been left very isolated.

Kirsty usually visits Robin House, a hospice run by the charity CHAS, but since lockdown has not been able to.

However, Nordoff Robbins have been able to deliver music therapy to Kirsty online – giving her vital experiences in a time when they are needed most.

Kirsty’s mother, Korin said: “Kirsty’s senses are severely limited, and music is something she has always been able to connect to, helping her to relax and interact. 

 Coronavirus has meant Kirsty can’t go to school or to her usual respite, so it has been more isolating for her. Having music therapy at home has been something that has helped vary her day and provide an experience that’s harder for us to replicate at home. 

If music therapy wasn’t available, it would be a huge loss as it’s one of the few experiences in Kirsty’s life that consistently brings her pleasure. 

Felicity, a Nordoff Robbins Music Therapist says despite the limitations of working online, the children are still responding and there is still value in what I do, particularly when placed against the backdrop of isolation and anxiety in our lives at the moment. 

I am still continually trying to listen and musically respond to the person on the other end. To their movements, to their voice, to their playing (perhaps on a saucepan, perhaps on their own instrument), even singing about the treasured toy they have brought to the session…. in a nutshell, music can still work its magic”


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