Laura’s Story

Music therapy has helped Laura overcome anxieties and gain enough confidence to perform in front of her classmates. 

Laura* is in her early teens and attends a special needs secondary school. She has the genetic disorder Triple X Syndrome and severe learning difficulties.   

Laura was referred to music therapy after showing severe signs of anxiety at school; she was refusing to take part in almost all lessons and tasks and to eat or drink during the day. But as the music therapy work progressed, Laura started to become curious, wanted to learn and grew more relaxed. She began to try different instruments and explore sounds.   

Her music therapist Kerry explained: “Soon, Laura became enthusiastic about coming to sessions, and after a few months would get up in class when it was her turn, saying “me now!” – a far cry from the girl who once wouldn’t even come into the room.   

Her demeanour completely changed – Laura became lively and playful in her music and her teachers said she had become confident, happy and relaxed in lessons. She started eating again in school and taking part in class activities with vigour.  

Laura even decided she wanted to perform the ukelele in front of her classmates. Kerry said: “Her classmates gave her a huge cheer and Laura grinned, before giving her teaching assistant a hug. This act of bravery would have been unthinkable just 12 months earlier.   

Laura’s teacher added: “When she performed to the class, I had a tear in my eye. I’d never seen her like that – it meant so much knowing where she was before and where she is now.”  

 *Laura’s name has been changed for confidentiality reasons