Olivia’s Story

Olivia has multiple social, emotional and behavioural difficulties but music therapy has given her a space to be creative and explore her own musical voice. 

Music therapy has opened up Olivia’s potential and through it, she is able to grow in confidence and creativity. She flourishes when it comes to music and has a love of Blues, singing and finds joy in writing her own songs.   

Olivia has multiple learning difficulties and social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and through the support offered in music therapy she has been given a space which has allowed her to be creative and explore her own musical voice.   

She also experiences some weakness in her left side, making it difficult to move so her music therapist Guy has been helping her to improve this. He explained: “By encouraging Olivia to drum with her right hand and cymbal crash with her left hand, she has been able to realise that not only can she use it more than she thought, but also that she can move to the rhythm and pulse of the music and fully immerse herself into the music.  

Olivia has been able to move away from believing she wasn’t creative enough to write her own songs to eventually coming up with her own lyrics and working with her therapist Guy to write a song calledCreativity. The song perfectly reflects her journey with music therapy and how her confidence and self-expression have grown.  

Her therapist Guy said: “Through music therapy, Olivia has been able to find words to express her own thoughts and recognise that even though she loves to sing other people’s songs, she can also be confident in her own song writing.