Zachary sits on the floor playing the drums while music therapist Kawku plays an electric keyboard

Zachary’s story

A cancer diagnosis is tough at any age but for young children undergoing treatment can be an especially grueling and sometimes frightening experience that leaves them spending lengthy spells in hospital unable to enjoy usual childhood activities.

Being able to take part in music therapy has enriched Zachary’s life, boosted his self-esteem and concentration, and provided a welcome distraction from all the medical treatment he has had to undergo.



Five-year-old Zachary has been receiving lengthy hospital treatment for leukemia. Weekly visits to the ward from our music therapist, Kwaku, provide him and the other children something to look forward to – particularly when it meant a visit came with surprise support from your favourite band.

We fixed it for Scouting For Girls, who supported our Get Loud campaign, to join in with one of Zachary’s music therapy sessions to highlight the important work we do in hospitals.

His mum Katie said: “Music therapy has really helped. We found that from being in hospital for such a long time the days used to just blur into one. But every Tuesday he used to wake up and instantly be like Kwaku is coming today.”

Our music therapist Kwaku said: “I’ve seen his confidence grow and through the music I’ve seen him able to emotionally release all the pent-up feeling from being in hospital for such a long time.”

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