Maren Metell

PhD student

Maren trained as a music therapist at the University of Bergen in Norway and also holds a Master’s degree in visual impairment pedagogy. She has worked as a music therapist in kindergarten, school and with families and as an adviser within the disability support system. Her main interest is in the links between dis/ability, accessibility and social and musical participation and in working together with young children and their families. Maren is currently working as assistant editor for the Nordic Journal of Therapy, as a lecturer in the music therapy program and as a researcher in the Shared Moments project at GAMUT, University of Bergen/NORCE.

PhD Research Project

The overall goal of Maren’s PhD is to explore the process and meaning of co-creating spaces for collaborative musicking in the context of (neuro)diversity. More specifically, she is curious whether musicking always is accessible and under what preconditions musicking turns into a resource for families where different perception and communication styles are present. In the first project, she has been working together with a family with two children for a period of three months aiming at developing experience on how to co-create knowledge on musicking, its accessibility and meaning. In the second project, she has been exploring together with a group of families how, when and for whom and under what preconditions music and its affordances become accessible. You can see a few of the musical resources developed in the project The research approach is qualitative and informed by emancipatory disability research, participatory action research and ethnography. The aim is to create detailed accounts on what actually happens between small children, caregivers, a music therapist, music and materials.


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