Stuart – PhD Graduate

One thing I have always loved about music therapy is that along with being a helping profession, it is an academic discipline. From my training in the late 90s I knew that there was so much out there for me to question and to develop within music therapy thinking, and this has continued to motivate me. I also knew that it would be very important to choose the right site for that questioning, and that for me, Nordoff Robbins would be the best fit.

I was drawn to the size of the programme, which is light on its feet, but which has a great range and scope in impact through the reach and reputation of the academic supervisors. It was responsive to my developing interests and topic, so that as I reached new territory in my enquiry, the programme was already there to meet me.

During and then after the programme, I was introduced to key figures in the international scene, both via my examination and through giving lectures in other universities, which have developed into important academic relationships in the UK and internationally, and I have since been awarded a research grant from the Wellcome Trust to develop an aspect of my doctoral studies.

The Nordoff Robbins programme helped to refine a vocabulary and set a standard of communication in my academic work which truly trained me – in the traditional sense of having changed me.