Episode 4

Gill Landry – Wordly Words

Episode 4/10 of We Are Listening introduces ‘Wordly Words’ by Gill Landry.

An American singer-songwriter with an inimitable style of characterisation through music, ‘Wordly Words’ is Gill’s interpretation of music therapy.

Through spoken word, he explores the emotional connection between humans and music.

How powerful, enlightening and enriching it can be. How it can help people deal with the darkness. How through playing, listening or taking part in music, it can connect with your body, mind, heart and soul.

We can’t help but respond to music – it changes the way we move, feel and think, and how we interact with each other musically all the time using our voices and movements.

At Nordoff Robbins, our use of music in therapy has the potential to not only enhance the life experience of those we work with but to positively influence their environment and community.

See how music therapy and songwriting helped Charlotte during her time in hospital.

Mental Health Awareness Week - 10 - 16 May

It's Mental Health Awareness Week from 10 - 16 May. Music can have such a positive impact on mental health. It can help reduce stress, manage pain, help us sleep better, improve motivation, improve our mood and help reduce symptoms of depression.

According to Mind, researchers found that music releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical in your brain. It also found that this feel-good chemical goes up 9% when listening to music you enjoy. Powerful stuff.

We've created a small musical guide full tips and advice for using music to help your mental health and wellbeing.