Episode 6

Lapsley – Power of Hearing

In ‘Power of Hearing,’ Ava listens and responds to singer and songwriter, Låpsley's performance, capturing the expression and power of music to those who need it.

Through the artist's interpretation, this performance is also combined with interpretive dance, illustrating how music can help open doors to people when nothing else can.

"This is exactly what music does for her [Ava], it takes away all the barriers. All her struggles. And it doesn’t matter who she’s with, she’s suddenly equal – it levels everything!" Liz, Ava's mum

Ava, now 13, has complex health needs including cerebral palsy, complex epilepsy, and she’s blind. She has always loved music and it’s brought her and her family many magical moments over the years.

“For the first time in her life at 12-years-old, Ava experienced inclusion, full inclusion…”

You can see Ava's story below.

Music therapy can be so powerful for children and young people who have complex needs. It can support these individuals and their families in many different ways, helping with communication, emotional wellbeing, and social interaction.

Complex needs affect people differently, and our music-centred approach focuses on working with a person’s existing abilities to bring out their potential.