Episode 03

Paul Frith – Spectrum of Change

Spectrum of Change is a musical composition brought to you by Paul Frith, a modern-day composer, inspired by music therapy and autism.

To create episode 3 of We Are Listening, 12 Nordoff Robbins music therapists took part in a ‘play it and pass it on’. Each therapist listened to the motif they were passed, changed one element of it and then passed it to the next therapist.

Each time the piece was passed on, although structurally it was the same, its components were extended... like the telephone game of music!

These subtle changes reflect how Nordoff Robbins therapists can help facilitate small changes, that have big impacts on how those with autism engage and interact with the world.

In the initial stages before this was created, Paul and the music therapists looked at music therapy and autism. How the world around someone on the autism spectrum can be overwhelming, with all of the sensory information not really making sense.

‘Spectrum of Change’ is about how music can help bring regulation in an otherwise chaotic world.

For people who are on the autism spectrum, music therapy can help establish meaningful communication, develop an increased awareness of themselves and others, build self-esteem and confidence and support physical, emotional, and social development.