Episode 09

Nick Davies x Royal Albert Hall – Therapy for Good – Part 1

Introducing episode 9 of We Are Listening, ‘Therapy for Good’.

Romano is 18 years old and is autistic. He struggles with daily tasks. But music has helped Romano find his voice.

From Nordoff Robbins music therapy to performing with the House Gospel Choir at The Royal Albert Hall, this is Romano’s story.

In this very special episode of We Are Listening, Grammy-nominated director Nicolas Davies’ takes music therapy and magnifies it onto Britain’s most famed arena, the Royal Albert Hall, along with some very special guests from the House Gospel Choir, Nordoff Robbins’ choir and Gorilliaz pianist, Mike Smith.

Taking inspiration from a music therapy session with Romano, this episode captures the unique and intimate beauty of music therapy and the potential it has to enhance his life.

“When he sings, it doesn’t matter to him if it’s clear or not because there’s not a risk that he won’t be understood, so it doesn’t shatter his confidence.” Romano’s mum, Tina.

Through music, human potential is recognised, witnessed and celebrated regardless of profound disability, illness or social exclusion.

For Romano, who is on the autism spectrum, music therapy can help establish meaningful communication, develop an increased awareness of themselves and others, build self-esteem and confidence and support physical, emotional, and social development.