Episode 8

Various Artists – Rebuilding Lives

In ‘Rebuilding Lives’ various different illustrators explore the relationship between mental health and music, showing how music and music therapy can offer support and relief through illustration and art.

This episode shows the ways we interact with sound in our daily lives, and how that in turn influences our behaviours, our personalities, and our self- expression.

The result is a portrait of how music therapy lives beyond the time and place where it is practiced, and how it can enrich all facets of people’s lives.

Here we see the beautiful works from Marcus Haney, Katherine Shapiro, Peter O'Toole and Dan Yates respectively.

Next are illustrations from Lucy Mahon, Ralph Stollenwerk and Ross Stirling.

Music can have such a positive impact on mental health. It can help reduce stress, manage pain, help us sleep better, improve motivation, improve our mood and help reduce symptoms of depression.

Researchers have even found that music releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical in your brain.

At Nordoff Robbins, we believe in music and music therapy’s ability to reach even the most vulnerable people in our society.

Mental illness can be isolating, affecting a person’s personality and thought processes and their ability to express themselves, to interact with others – but music therapy can have a positive impact, offering a non-verbal means of communication, and working on emotional, physical and social difficulties.