Nordoff Robbins Research Workshops

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In addition to organising a range of conferences and seminars, the Nordoff Robbins research team offers a number of research and evaluation workshops across the country.

These workshops cover a range of topics (e.g. how to evaluate services, how to use data analysis software) and are addressed to a wide range of arts therapies and arts & health professionals and students. Due to their practical nature, workshops are open to a limited number of attendees each time.

Research and Evaluation workshops

Part of the Nordoff Robbins Summer School

Developing the Evidence: A ‘hands-on’ workshop for Arts Therapy Service Evaluation

This intensive workshop is designed for arts therapists and arts and health professionals and students who need to develop practical skills in how to monitor and evaluate their services. Led by the authors of A Guide to Evaluation for Arts Therapists and Arts & Health Practitioners, this workshop provides a step-by-step approach to service evaluation including the following main phases:

  • planning: what needs to be in place right from the beginning, how to align service and evaluation aims, how to develop appropriate timelines, and how to integrate monitoring and evaluation procedures as part of everyday practice
  • developing data collection tools: how to develop tailor-made evaluation tools for different settings or client groups (e.g. including questionnaires, focus group/ interview schedules and log sheets)
  • collecting data: how to administer evaluation tools effectively, ethically, and creatively
  • analysing data: how to analyse collected data both in numeric and text form
  • writing evaluation reports: how to communicate evaluation findings, and how to write effective evaluation reports while considering the needs/interests of different audiences

Workshop participants will be provided with real-life examples of evaluation projects and will have the opportunity to engage in group exercises and discussions. This workshop will encourage practitioners to respond to the demands of the workplace while not compromising the essence of their artistic endeavours.

The Research team offer

  • Research and evaluation workshops as part of the Nordoff Robbins Summer School. (link to Summer School on Education pages)
  • Developing the Evidence: A ‘hands-on’ workshop for Arts Therapy Service Evaluation.

If you would like to invite members of the Nordoff Robbins Research Department to run a workshop in your area or workplace, please email the Research team