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We use music to transform lives...

Nordoff Robbins is the UK's leading private provider of music therapy services. Our trained network of music therapists work with people of all ages and with a range of conditions. We deliver thousands of music therapy sessions per year in care homes, day centres, hospitals, schools and our own centres. We are also developing a range of other music and health projects aimed at bringing music to more and more people in local communities.

Everyone responds to music - it affects our minds, bodies and feelings. Through music we can help to:

  • Improve physical health and ability
  • Address emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Develop communication and social skills
  • Increase creativity, self-esteem and confidence

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We train and educate...

We've been training music therapists since 1974. Our Masters-level training is world-renowned as a gold standard in music therapy training and we launched our revamped Master of Music Therapy (Nordoff Robbins) Music Health and Society, in September 2011.

We also offer instructive short courses and workshops, open to everyone interested in learning more about music and well-being. As part of our research work, we run the UK’s first MPhil/PhD Postgraduate Research Programme in Music Therapy / Music, Health, Society.

We research and provide educational resources...

Our Research work is extensive. It is directed by and feeds back into our daily work with people who benefit from music, and it helps us train the practitioners of the future. Our Research Resources and Learning Resources Centre are available for practitioners, researchers, funding bodies and individuals to find out more about who music can help, how it works and the most effective ways to work with it.

Make a regular gift

Make a regular gift

Please join our amazing regular givers and bring music to many more vulnerable people all over the UK.

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Case Stories - Credit - Nordoff Robbins

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