Nordoff Robbins music therapist and beneficiary with guitar

We witness the impact of music therapy every day

From helping a person with dementia reconnect with their family to helping a child with autism to speak for the first time, our music therapy enriches lives.

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What is music therapy?

Music has a power unlike anything else. From your earliest moments on earth, before you are even born, you begin a powerful relationship with music. The first sound you hear is the soothing rhythm of your mother’s heartbeat.

So when a parent comes to us with a child who’s never spoken, or when a family comes to us because their mother is isolated by her dementia, we use music with the ambition to enhance and improve their lives.

Our music therapists are trained to tune into each movement, reaction and expression of the people they’re working with. They can then adapt their approach and the music they’re playing to skilfully unlock potential and inspire positive emotions and interactions.

It’s not easy, but in the expert hands of our therapists, music can break through where words can’t. This isn’t just what we believe. It’s what we’ve witnessed.

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Our music therapy has helped transform lives

Music can break through when words fail. That’s why we strive to bring music therapy to thousands of people with life-limiting illnesses, disabilities and feelings of isolation.

Impact music therapy can have on specific situations

When you hear your 5-year old boy, who’s severely autistic, speak for the first time.

When you see a familiar light in the eyes of your mother, who’s been isolated by dementia for years.

When your son, whose life has been devastated by a road accident, moves to the rhythm of a song he loves.

When a loved one, who’s dealing with severe depression, can experience moments of peace and genuine joy.

That’s the power of music therapy. At Nordoff Robbins, we use it to enrich lives. Here are just some of the conditions and circumstances that our music therapy sessions have been used to help with:

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