Girl and music therapist playing instruments at Nordoff Robbins London Centre

Betsy’s Story

For Betsy music therapy gives her a welcome distraction from all the medical procedures she’s undergoing to treat her brain tumour. 

At the age of two and a half, Betsy’s family received the devastating news that she had a large brain tumour. Her vision had been severely affected and she would need 18 months of chemotherapy. 

But being able to take part in music therapy has enriched her life, boosted her self-esteem, helped her to concentrate more and provided a welcome distraction from all the medical treatment she has had to undergo. 

Her mum Rochelle said: “Betsy went from leading a normal toddler life to suddenly having to deal with huge change. Tuesdays had become a difficult day as this is the day we travelled to London for chemotherapy, kidney checks, eye checks, hearings checks. But now Tuesdays became Betsy’s music day where she has fun, plays music and chats to Oli her therapist. Nordoff Robbins is such a happy, safe nurturing environment and its helping Betsy on her journey. 


For Rochelle, music therapy has helped to boost Betsy’s selfesteem and encouraged her inbuilt passion for music. She said: “Betsy has always loved music, amongst her favourite artists are Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond and Dolly Parton. I just knew that music therapy would be something she would respond to so contacted Nordoff Robbins and very shortly afterwards Betsy began her weekly sessions. 

“Betsy is very creative, and she now not only plays and experiments with existing songs but writes and plays her own songs. This makes us so happy because Betsy has such a wonderful imagination and excellent understanding of vocabulary which music therapy is really nurturing. Its helping her to thrive and bringing out the very best of Betsy – who is a force to be reckoned with!  

It’s hard to imagine life without vision and I do worry about Betsy being isolated and vulnerable and worry that I won’t always be there to hold her hand as she grows up. Nordoff Robbins is such a happy, safe nurturing environment and it is helping Betsy on her journey.