Nordoff Robbins Research Governance

Two research governance committees monitor best ethical practice for Nordoff Robbins research and monitor research education (postgraduate research).


NRREC ensures that projects are in line with current national professional standards; they monitor ethical standards and ensure that quality research is conducted.

NRREC assess research studies that are:

  • wholly or partly funded by Nordoff Robbins
  • wish to use the title ‘Nordoff Robbins’ to apply for funding or to credit the organisation on publication
  • undertaken within, or through, Nordoff Robbins
  • undertaken as part of the MMT or MPhil/PhD Research Degree Programme

The Committee meets three times a year to consider applications, and advise on further referrals to Social Care or Local (NHS) Research Ethics Committees.

Further information and application forms can be obtained from


The Nordoff Robbins Research Degree Programme Committee advises the MPhil/PhD research degree programme and monitors its academic and ethical standards.

Members are experts drawn from inside and outside the organisation. The committee runs and monitors the Research Degrees Programme and applications to the programme, as well as transfer from MPhil to PhD status.

The Committee liaises with NRREC as well as the Nordoff Robbins Education Committee and the Nordoff Robbins Course Board which is responsible for the formal link between Nordoff Robbins and the validating institution, Goldsmith’s, University of London.