Ava’s story

During lockdown in March 2020, the online choir became a lifeline for many people including Ava. Through the help of music and singing with the choir, Ava was able to find her own voice.

Music has always been there throughout all the highs and lows of Ava’s journey, it’s been an important part of her life.    

Ava is 12 years old, she has complex health needs including cerebral palsy, complex epilepsy and she’s blind. Ava has always loved music and it has brought her and her family many magical moments over the years.

In March 2020, we moved our community choir online as a result of the coronavirus pandemic where Ava and her mum Liz joined music therapists Oli and Emily each week.

Ava’s mum, Liz said;

“The first time Ava responded to her name, was in a music therapy session. And that was the start of an incredible journey of discovery as to what music could bring to her.

Ava was born with a complex brain injury and as a consequence of that, has global developmental delay, she’s non-verbal and she’s got cerebral palsy.

Music’s always been a lifeline for Ava. It’s a great leveller and it breaks through the barriers of disability. It’s always been there throughout all the highs and lows of our journey with Ava, it’s been an important part of her life.    

Coronavirus hit and it was just such a massive change because all our normal routines just completely went out the window. Obviously, our access to normal support services, so school, therapy services, everything just shut overnight. And we went into full shielding with Ava quite early.     

She loved the attention she got at being sung to, but it also encouraged Ava to find that voice, her own voice.  She’s non-verbal but developed a really beautiful pitch and tone when she’s singing now which has been really lovely. ”





“The first time in her life, at 12 years old, Ava experienced inclusion, full inclusion.”

Ava’s mum

The online community choir continues to be a lifeline for many people. Find out more and how to join.

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