Dr Simon Procter

Director of Music Services

(Education, Research and Public Affairs)

Dr Simon Procter, Director of Music Services (Education, Research and Public Affairs)

Simon Procter trained as a music therapist with Nordoff Robbins in London and has since worked primarily within adult mental health services, as well as in the training of music therapists. He has oversight of Nordoff Robbins’ education and research activities as well as being active in communicating about our work in the public sphere.

The Nordoff Robbins approach to music therapy has been described as “research in action” since it is founded on constant attention to musical detail and the cultivation and valuing of shared musical experience. By working hard to attend to what can be observed to be happening in music therapy, we can learn about the ways in which people make use of the opportunities that music therapy offers as well as how they make sense of and value their experiences. That’s why, as a practitioner committed to social change and empowerment, Simon as a researcher is primarily an ethnographer, passionate about learning from people’s expertise and experiences, and committed to the engagement of appropriate research methods with the craft of music therapy.

Simon has published in both English and Polish: you can find a list of some of his publications here:

Simon’s Publications