Episode 7

Jack Coulter – One-off Representation

Introducing episode 7/10 of We Are Listening, ‘A Visual Representation’.

In this episode, artist Jack Coulter paints his interpretation of a music therapy session with Omolara to create a stunning piece of artwork using his ability to ‘see sound’.

Synesthesia is a neurological trait that results in a joining or merging of senses that aren't normally connected. For example, someone may hear colour or see sound. In Jack’s case it’s seeing sound, and he uses this to create original pieces of art.

For ‘A Visual Representation’, he listened and reacted to Omolara’s music therapy session, who has severe learning and physical disabilities and is non-verbal, and used this to create some original artwork.

The resulting art represents the deep connection shared between the music therapist and Omolara, manifesting what is beyond words into a vibrant and completely unique piece.

Omolara's story

Music therapy offered Omolara an environment where she was listened to and valued, and where the flexible and improvised nature of the sessions could remove her fear of making a mistake.

Learning and physical disabilities affect individuals differently, and our music-centred approach focuses on working with a person’s existing abilities to bring out their potential.

Through music, our therapists can help people with learning difficulties establish meaningful communication, develop an increased awareness of themselves and others, build self-esteem and confidence and support physical, emotional and social development.