Nordoff Robbins music therapist and girl playing cymbals

Music Therapy and autism

People who have complex needs, including ASD, face many different challenges that can also affect their families and carers. Music therapy can support these individuals and their families in many different ways, helping with communication, emotional wellbeing and social interaction.

How can Nordoff Robbins music therapy help?

ASD and complex needs affect individuals differently, and our person-centred approach focuses on working with a person’s existing abilities to bring out their potential. Through music, our therapists help individuals establish meaningful communication, develop an increased awareness of themselves and others, build self-esteem and confidence and support physical, emotional and social development.

Music therapy for people with autism

How is Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy delivered? 

Our therapists work in partnership with organisations to provide a service that meets the needs of the individuals we support and the organisation. Nordoff Robbins music therapy can take many forms, including individual and group sessions, structured around the needs of the individual or group of people. If beneficial, our therapists sometimes also work towards inclusive music events and groups to enrich the life of the organisation as a whole.

Using a range of instruments including the voice, and incorporating known music and opportunities to create original music, our therapists engage individuals in an improvised and shared music making experience. Our therapists listen, observe and sensitively respond with music, allowing people to develop and explore their own means of expression through musical language.

Before we introduced music therapy into Alfie and Louie’s life, we were lost. We finally feel we’ve found something which has opened a door, and we owe it all to Nordoff Robbins.

– Alfie and Louie

How to refer someone for music therapy

Our mission is to provide music therapy to anyone whose quality of life could be improved by it. That’s why we offer our services completely free of charge at all our centres across the UK.

If you think that you, a family member or someone you care for could benefit from music therapy, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To refer someone, complete our online referral form or download it and return to us via email to

If you can’t access our referral form or need help filling it in, call our admin team on 020 7267 4496. They’ll schedule a phone appointment for someone to call and help you.

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